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Alees International Import Export Consultants and Corporate Agent If you just booked an Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways promo fare from Clark Airport, you may choose to add a day or two when you get back from your destination! Why, you ask? Because Clark Airport is located in Pampanga, a destination that has a lot to offer! Here are some ideas:  Visit For More Information:- Factory outlet shopping. Unknown to many, Pampanga - specifically Angeles - is home to many factory outlet shops. Most of these outlet shops can be found in Robinson's Starmills in Angeles. Dining. Pampanga is hands down the best place to try Filipino food. In fact, it is hailed as the culinary capital of the Philippines. There's something in the way they cook food that I can't point my finger to. So take note of the following restaurants; try out their delicious food for lunch or snacks before you head on the airport, or go on a full-blast food trip when y